We had a really nice breakfast at the hotel in Silverton and then walked around looking for a replacement pair of headphones for Janel.  Pretty soon it was 10:15 and time for lunch.  We had to eat lunch in town because we didn’t pack out a lunch for today.  We somehow stumbled on a place that served fry bread tacos.  So good.  We eventually got a ride to the trail and were hiking by noon.  As soon as we back on the trail, it started sprinkling.  No problem, over the last month we had figured out how to keep it from raining.  We put on all of our rain gear, and just like we planned, it stopped raining and never rained again that day.  Then something really rare happened, the clouds went away, and we got to hike under blue skies in the afternoon.  It was great to just hike and not have to worry about the weather.  We even made our first campfire of the trip.  As we were sitting around the fire, we were joined by two curious deer.

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