We woke up to cloudless skies which was great because our first obstacle of the day was a big exposed pass.  We needed a big day today because there was supposedly a lot of rain moving in tomorrow.  Once we got to the top of the pass, we were a little disheartened to see big clouds rolling over the closest mountains.  It was going to be a challenge to get our big day.  We made it until lunch time before we got any sprinkles.  We decided to set the tarp up while we ate.  This turned out to be a great decision as the skies immediately unloaded hail and lightning all around us.  It hailed for a couple of hours as we sat under the tarp wondering if we were going to make our miles.  Then just like that, the hail stopped and the sun came back out.  We will never figure out this weather.  We got back on the trail under blue skies again and hiked all afternoon.  We even took a pass in the late afternoon, something that had usually been too risky.  By 7, we had pushed our luck far enough as we could see and hear thunderstorms brewing ahead of us so we gave in and set up camp as the sun was setting.  Somehow, we had managed 22 miles and were in a good position for tomorrow.  There is only one exposed ridge left and we could make it to the toe of the climb under tree cover tomorrow.

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