Unfortunately, they got the weather right today.  Although, they got it too right and we woke up at 6am to rain hitting our tent.  It wasn’t supposed to start raining until 9.  Luckily, with our good day yesterday, we only needed to do 14 miles today.  After 14 miles, you start the climb up to Indian Trail Ridge.  The ridge is high and exposed and a pretty dangerous place to be in a thunderstorm.  The plan for today was to get to the start of the climb up the ridge today, so that we could hit the ridge in the morning tomorrow, when there wouldn’t be any storms.  Given that plan, we decided we had time to wait on the rain in the comfort of our tent.  This meant we could even have hot coffee instead of just dumping instant coffee into our cold water bottles.  I know, pretty fancy huh? Our plan worked and a couple of hours later, the rain let up to just sprinkles.  We packed up and hit the trail.  We hiked along a rim overlooking the mountains most of the day as the clouds gave way to sunny skies.  It turned out to be a beautiful day as the rain stayed away all afternoon.  The scenery was great as fall colors were emerging and even some of the aspens were starting to turn.  It was a little nostalgic as it reminded us of Washington at the end of our PCT hike.  We even passed a pile of bear poop.  Very Washington.  As it was getting late, we got to a side trail that promised a scenic overlook.  Then we did something we never do, we walked off trail.  We were looking for a campsite and found one of the coolest campsites of the whole trip.  After dinner, we watched the sun set on a distant thunderstorm from inside our tent. I’m going to try to upload a video of the lighting, we’ll see if WordPress allows it.

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