That was a weird night.  Right before we went to sleep, we heard what at first sounded like a lone coyote, but then turned into a strange wailing.  Either the coyote was hurt or found something really great and wanted to tell his friends.  Every few hours during the night, the crazy wailing would start up again.  We never figured out what the deal was.  Then around 4am, we started seeing lightning and it started to rain.  It was over by sunrise, but we didn’t have the most restful night’s sleep.  We were packed up and on trail by 7:30 and began the ascent to Indian Trail Ridge.  It wasn’t long before we were above treeline.  The clouds were blowing over the ridge from some near by mountains and we were about eye level with the middle of the clouds.  There were great views of the nearby peaks when we were in between clouds.  By 11am, we were down off the ridge and were really done with all of the sketchy traverses for the trip.  We were in the home stretch now, but still had about 21 miles to Durango.  Shortly after we got off the ridge, some dark clouds started forming behind us, but we managed to stay ahead of the rain until about 2 pm.  It started raining pretty hard then, so we hid under a bridge like hobbits until the rain lightened up.  It continued with off and on light rain the rest of the day.  We briefly thought about pulling a 30 miler and getting to the trailhead tonight, but decided to camp at a really great spot on a ridge and enjoy one last camp and easy hike in the morning.  It is only 7 miles to the final trailhead and Durango in the morning.

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