And just for good measure, we had a thunderstorm roll through right before we got up.  It was over by 6am, so we were up and on the trail heading to the end.  It was a nice cool morning and a great easy hike to finish up the trail.  We stopped at Gudy’s rest on the way. There is a little bench at an overlook dedicated to Gudy, the founder of the Colorado Trail.  By 10am, we were at the trailhead and our thru hike was over.  Once we hitched into Durango, we stopped into Carver’s Brewery where they give every thru hiker a free beer for completing the trail.  And just like that it was over.  No more hiking.  No more rain or hail or lightning.  Just like the PCT, it will take a little time for it to all sink in, but this was definitely one hell of an adventure!

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