I dug up some old spreadsheets that had our Pacific Crest Trail gear from 2014.  It was fun to go back through our old planning sheets and compare that to our Colorado Trail gear list.  This is not our current gear list.  If you are looking for our current gear, check out our Colorado Trail Gear List.

Alan's Packed Gear

ItemBrand and ModelWeight (oz)Cost $Comment
BackpackGossamer Gear - Mariposa - 2013 Edition26.1$2602013 Edition with frame
Pack LinerGeneric Trash Compactor Bag2.3$1
TentYama Mountain Gear - Cirriform DW37.7$3552013 Edition in sil-nylon
Ground SheetWindow Insulation Film (Half of Roll)2.8$6About 5'x8' piece
Stakes - LongMSR - Groundhog (5 each)3.0$15
Stakes - ShortMSR - Mini Groundhog (4 each)1.6$10
Stakes - SkewersVargo - Titanium Ultralite (6 each)1.2$20
QuiltJRB - Sierra Sniveller (Long)24.6$2802011 Edition - 900 fill
Sleeping PadGossamer Gear Nightlight (Torso)4.7$24Also pack frame
Sleeping PadGossamer Gear - Thinlight 1/8"2.9$18For legs
PillowGraham - Flexair 14.5"x10.5" (2 each)1.4$2Used to sell individually
Storage BagALOKSAK - 6.75" x 6"0.3$34 sizes in a package
ToothbrushGeneric Travel Size0.4$2
Soap/ToothpasteDr. Bronner's in 1/2 Ounce Dropper0.5$1Peppermint of course
SunscreenAny 1 Ounce Bottle1.5$1
Nail ClippersGeneric0.5$1So handy
Ear PlugsGeneric0.2$1There will be times…
Saline SprayGeneric Travel Size1.3$1
TrowelMontbell - Handy Scoop1.4$22
Clean WaterEmpty Gatorade Bottle (1 liter)1.7$2
Dirty WaterEmpty Smartwater Bottle (1 liter)1.3$2Used after dropping Big Zip
Water BagMSR - DromLite (4 Liter)3.9$30Old red style
Hydration BladderPlatypus - Big Zip5.6$35Got rid of in N. Cal
FilterSawyer Squeeze - Mini1.4$20Switched to full in N. Cal
BackwasherSawyer Squeeze - Syringe1.2$0Comes with Squeeze
Lighting & Misc
Storage BagZiploc - Gallon Freezer0.4$0For maps and papers
MapsPCT - Halfmile Maps D-S (5 sheets avg)1.0$60Cost is for printing
PermitsThru-Hike Permit, Fire Permit (2 sheets)0.4$0Free!
PaperRite in the Rain - 3" x 5" (5 sheets)0.3$6For notes
PenFisher - Space Pen0.1$10For notes
FlashlightFenix - LD01 R4 (72 lumen)0.9$35Includes 1-AAA Lithium
Multi-ToolLeatherman - Style0.8$21Now the "Style CS" I guess
Money/Cards/IDALOKSAK - 5" x 4"1.0$3
CameraPanasonic - Lumix DMC-TS4 (12 MP)7.0$120Didn't carry a phone
Camera StandJoby - GorillaPod1.6$15
MP3 w/BudsSanDisk - Sansa Clip1.3$30Mainly for FM radio
First Aid / Repair
Storage BagYama Mountain Gear - Cuben Sack0.2$13
First Aid KitBandaids, Dressing, Neosporin, Tape2.3$10In sandwich bag
MedicineIbuprofen, Antidiarrheal, Allergy1.2$6
Repair KitDuct Tape, Super Glue, Needle/Thread1.5$5In sandwich bag
Foot CareLeukotape, Alcohol Pads1.4$5In sandwich bag
Spare BatteriesAAA - Lithium (4 each)1.0$5Flashlight:1, Headlamp:3
Spare LightCheap Keychain Light0.2$2
Camera BatteriesPanasonic - Extra Batteries (2 each)1.6 $40
Clothes (In Pack)
Storage BagSea To Summit - Ultra-Sil Dry Daypack3.2$45Also pillow case, daypack
Rain JacketMarmot - Mica7.0$130
Wind ShirtStoic - Wraith2.3$45Discontinued
Wind PantsMontane - Featherlite Pant4.2$120
Shortsleeve ShirtPatagonia - Merino 13.5$75Never really wore
Fleece w/HoodMelanzana - Micro Grid Hoody11.0$69No need for hat
Puffy VestGoLite - Selkirk5.1$80Out of business
Baselayer PantsPatagonia - Capilene 44.7$59For sleeping only
UnderwearExOfficio - Give-n-Go BB3.2$20
SocksSmartwool - PHD UL Mini (2 pair)2.5$30
Sleep SocksSmartwool - Medium Cushion3.4$15Not really needed
Alan Camp ShoeVivo Barefoot - Ultra Pure9.0$45Desert and Sierra Only
BeanieTurtleFur - MicroFur0.8$20Not needed w/Melanzana
BandanaGeneric (Cut in Half)0.6$5
GlovesGolite - Liner Glove1.4$20Out of business
Bug/Rain MittsDIY - Momentum 90 Fabric0.4$5Sewn
Mosquito NetSea To Summit - Mosquito Head Net0.8$12Kept in windshirt pocket
Storage BagZpacks - Custom Cuben 12"x12"0.3$15A little too small
StoveSoto - Micro Regulator OD-1R2.6$70Janel carries the fuel can
WindscreenSoto - Micro Reg OD-1R Windscreen0.7$8
CookpotFour Dog Stove - 2 Liter (No Lid)4.5$46Part of 5-piece Sierra kit
CookpotFour Dog Stove - 0.75 Liter (With Lid)4.0Part of 5-piece Sierra kit
Cookpot CozyDIY - Reflectix Windshield Shade0.8$5
Frypan / LidTrangia - 27 Series3.2$15Got rid of in N. Cal
Pot LifterFour Dog Stove - Pot Lifter1.3Part of 5-piece Sierra kit
ContainerEmpty Talenti Container (2 cup)1.9For pudding / oatmeal
MugGSI Outdoors - Infinity Stacking Cup1.8$3Also measuring cup
SpoonMSR - Folding Spoon (2 each)0.8$8
ScraperGSI Outdoors - Compact Scraper0.6$5
Small TowelMSR - Ultralight Packtowel (Cut in Half)0.3$5Not sure which one
Storage BagZpacks - Blast Rectangular0.9$39Drawstring version
Odor Proof BagLOKSAK - OPSAK 20" x 12"1.5$6Two pack
Total Base Weight242.6$2,519

Alan's Worn Gear

ItemBrand and ModelWeight (oz)Cost $Comment
Clothes (Worn)
WatchCasio - SGW-3001.6$36Has altimeter
Longsleeve ShirtStoic - Breathe 904.0$35
UnderwearExOfficio - Give-n-Go BB3.2$20
Running ShortsNike - Dri-Fit4.0$30Liner cut out
Mini GaitersDirty Girl - Ticked Off1.1$20
SocksSmartwool - PHD UL Mini1.3$15
ShoesSaucony - Peregrine (Pair)20.8$110
VisorREI - Fitness Visor1.8$22
Sun GlovesOutdoor Research - Chroma1.2$30Prefer the "Spectrum"
SunglassesGeneric1.0$10Snow travel
Trekking PolesBlack Diamond - Distance Z-Poles12.6$100
Total Worn Weight53.8$433

Janel's Packed Gear

ItemBrand and ModelWeight (oz)Cost $Comment
BackpackULA - Ohm 2.027.0$2102013 Edition
Pack LinerGeneric Trash Compactor Bag2.3$1
QuiltEnlightened Equipment - Rev 2023.3$2752013 Edition
Sleeping PadTherm-a-Rest - Z-Lite13.3$40
PillowGraham - Flexair 14.5"x10.5" (2 each)1.4$2
Storage BagEagle Creek - Spector Medium0.5$103 sizes in a package
ToothbrushGeneric Travel Size0.4$2
ToothpasteGeneric Travel Size1.1$1
FlossGeneric Travel Size0.2$1Doubles as string
SoapDr. Bronners (Small Bottle)2.8$4
SunscreenAny 1 Ounce Bottle1.5$1
Ear PlugsGeneric0.2$1
Wet OnesWet Ones (3 each in Freezer Ziploc)0.9$2
TowelPacktowel - UltraLite (25"x54")3.5$32
Clean WaterEmpty Gatorade Bottle1.7$2
Dirty WaterEmpty Smartwater Bottle1.3$2Sawyer Squeeze fits top
Water BagsSawyer Squeeze - 2 Liter (2 each)2.8$10Mainly for hauling water
FilterSawyer Squeeze - Mini1.4$20
Lighting & Misc
HeadlampPetzl - Tikka2 XP (60 Lumen)2.5$30Link to new model (3-AAA)
Money/Cards/IDIn Ziplok1.0$3
Storage BagZiplok - Gallon Freezer0.4
Cell PhoneiPhone 5s (32 GB)4.0Also camera
Phone CaseLifeproof FRE for iPhone 5s1.1$75
Solar ChargerReVive - Restore XL (4000 mA)8.1$20Not powerful enough
Camera ChargerAnker - Universal Charger2.2$11Camera battery & USB
Photo StorageSD Cards and Flash Drives1.0$80Mailed photos home
USB ChargerAnker - Dual USB (2.1 Amp)1.8$10Link to similar charger
Charging CablesiPhone, Mini USB, Micro USB, Camera2.4$10
MP3 w/BudsSanDisk - Sansa Clip Zip1.3$30Mainly for FM radio
Clothes (In Pack)
Storage BagTherm-a-Rest - Trekker Pillow Case2.0$15Stuff sack and pillow
Rain JacketOutdoor Research - Helium II5.4$160
Wind ShirtPatagonia - Houdini Jacket3.3$100Wind and mosquitos
Wind PantsPatagonia - Houdini Pant3.0$130
Shortsleeve ShirtSmartwool - NTS Micro 1503.5$60
Warm TopPatagonia - Capilene 3 Zip Top6.4$69
Puffy JacketMountain Hardwear - Ghost Wisperer6.5$270w/ hood
UnderwearPatagonia - Active Hipster1.2$24
Baselayer PantsPatagonia - Capilene 44.0$59For sleeping only
SocksSmart Wool - PHD UL Mini (2 each)2.5$30
Down SocksGooseFeet Gear - Std Fill1.9$50For sleeping only
Camp ShoeVivo Barefoot - Ultra Pure7.0$45Desert and Sierra Only
BeanieSmartwool - NTS Mid 250 Beanie1.8$20May not exist anymore
BandanaGeneric (Cut in Half)0.6$5
GlovesReebok - Generic1.5$20
Bug/Rain MittsDIY - Momentum 90 Fabric0.5$5Sewn
Mosquito NetSea To Summit - Mosquito Head Net1.0$12In stuff sack
Fuel CanisterAny 8 oz IsoButane Canister6.1$10Container only. No fuel.
Storage BagSea To Summit - Ultra-Sil (Large)1.0$17
Odor Proof BagLOKSAK - OPSAK 21" x 12"1.5$6Two pack
Total Base Weight174.3$2,001

Janel's Worn Gear

ItemBrand and ModelWeight (oz)Cost $Comment
Clothes (Worn)
Longsleeve ShirtSmartwool - NTS Microweight 1504.4$55
Sports BraIcebreaker - Sprite2.3$48
UnderwearPatagonia - Active Hipster1.2$24
Running ShortsUnderarmor - Perfect Pace1.9$20Liner cut out
Mini GaitersDirty Girl - Hyponeutreno0.9$20
SocksSmart Wool - PHD UL Mini1.2$15
ShoesBrooks - Cascadia19.0$90
Wide Brim HatLocal - Idylwild3.0$25
Sun GlovesOutdoor Research - Spectrum0.7$24
Trekking PolesKomperdell - Pure Carbon17.0$100Not sure if exists still
Total Worn Weight52.6$431

Looks like we were definitely heavier on the PCT than the CT.  Throw in the occasional umbrella and/or bear canister, and our base weights were even a couple of pounds more than this on occasion.  Some of the major differences were the camera equipment, camp shoes, and extra clothes.  We also had a lot more water carrying capacity on the PCT, but that’s just the nature of the beast on that trail.

Please note, the Amazon.com links above are affiliate links.  All of the gear above has been tested and used by us on the trail and we recommend it.  If you purchase any gear through our affiliate links, we make a commission that will go towards funding our next adventure.  Thank you for your support.

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